Kalinga health officials alarmed with Covid cases surge

STAT for Kalinga as presented during the Kalinga Provincial Inter-Agency Task Force last Wednesday. Tabuk City Kalinga Facebook Page

Health officials in Kalinga are alarmed with the Covid-19 cases surge during the first five days of this month that is more than half of the cases logged last month.

“In just five days, we already have more than half of the new cases that we had in the whole month of March. I wish to emphasize nga talaga nga napardas diay panag-increase ti new cases tayo in the province of Kalinga (that the increase is very fast here in Kalinga),” Provincial Health Officer Edward Tandingan said during a virtual Provincial Inter-agency Task Force meeting Wednesday.

The Department of Health – Cordillera logged a total of 550 new Covid cases in Kalinga from March 1 to March 31. In contrast, a total of 330 new COVID-19 cases were already logged from April 1 to April 5 alone.

The PHO said that as of last Tuesday, April 6, the bed occupancy rate in Kalinga is at moderate risk: 126 out of 156 beds in the seven temporary treatment and monitoring facilities (TTMF) are occupied. The office added that 33 out of the 64 beds in private and public hospitals are occupied; and 19 out of the 66 beds in private and public infirmaries are occupied.

As of April 5, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Kalinga has reached a cumulative total of 3,112 with 2,548 recoveries (89.1%) and 534 active cases (10%). The province has 30 deaths or 0.9 percent of the confirmed cases.

Three local government units are considered epidemic high risks in the province on the two-week growth rate and average daily attack rate with Pasil at critical risk while Tabuk City and Pinukpuk are high-risk.

The PHO added that Balbalan and Lubuagan are moderate risk; Rizal and Tanudan are low risk; and Tinglayan is at minimum risk level.

Meanwhile, Tabuk Ciy Tourism Office has cancelled all tourism activities. Tabuk recorded six and 18 new cases on Tuesday and Wedesday.

The DoH – Cordillera, reported seven and 31 cases on said days.



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