Launch of IM Filipino movement pushing Isko Moreno to run for president set

IM A FILIPINO. Former Baguio vice mayor Edison Bilog and several of his allies help push for the candidacy of Manila mayor Francisco Domagoso or Isko Moreno for presidency in the 2022 national elections. The movement made a stop in Baguio Tuesday for its Baguio-Benguet leg where officials from the two government units expressed their support in urging the actor turned politician to seek the highest office. Pigeon Lobien / RNG Luzon

A move pushing for Manila mayor Francisco Domagoso or Isko Moreno to run for president will have its national launching Friday at the UP Hostel at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, a day after Araw ng Maynila today, June 24.

The IM Filipino movement 9AM launching hopes to encourage the Manila mayor to seek the top elective post in the May 2022 election as it promotes “positivity” in the time of negativity and the Duterte administration drawing to a close.

The movement made a stop in Baguio and Benguet Tuesday where former vice mayor Edison Bilog and his allies as well as political leaders from Benguet aired their support to the actor turned politician and for him to seek the presidency in next year’s election.

Moreno has both been flagged by President Rodrigo Duterte and the united oppositionist 1Sambayan to run for any of the two top positions. But Moreno, though saying that he will definitely run, is undecided and may opt to seek reelection in Manila.

IM Filipino coordinator for Regions I, II and the Cordilleras Edgar Allan Castillejos said Tuesday that they hope to get the answer of Moreno to run for president at the soonest and this may happen on June 25, just a day after the Araw ng Maynila.

He said that Moreno is the best person to run for the presidency in the post Covid-19 pandemic Philippines.

In dignidad (dignity), an appeal for Moreno to run, the IM Pilipino hopes the Manila mayor to “bring back dignity to the people and the government” which is a reason why it asks the mayor of Manila who is “not just the mayor of the primary city of the country, but as a Filipino – who was born poor but was able to lift himself out of poverty and is now challenged to lead the country.”

Dignidad is an appeal for Moreno to run for president and do for the country what he did in Manila, lift it from its sad state.

IM Pilipinas in its Facebook page said that it “firmly believes that the nation’s leader must have full faith on the collective strength of Filipinos that bring out their best, not the worst, to gain the respect of the world.”

It said that a fearless leader is needed during the challenging days ahead, and the movement deems Moreno qualified.

Castillejos said that Moreno may bridge the gap between the opposing political views – the administration and the opposition.

Moreno earlier declined to be nominated by the 1Sambayan opposition coalition as part of its bets for the top two positions in the 2022 national elections.



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