Lions Metro starts month long bowl and raffle for a cause tournament

The Lions Club of Metro Baguio has started a month-long bowling and raffle for a cause Friday at the Buyat Sports Center that is aimed to raise funds for various philanthropic project of the organization known to commission one of the mpst iconic landmarks in the city – the Lion’s Head.

The event that will end on October 14 hopes to raise funds that will help the pedriatic cancer patients that the organization started helping during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2021.

Proceeds of the sporting event will also help fund the Youth Melodica and String Ensemble of the Engineer’s Hill barangay and the blind association.

The qualifying period started Friday and will end on October 14 wherein the top 30 finishers will move to the semi-finals on October 16.

The top five finishers of the semi-finals will have their stepladder position on the same date.

The champion in the men’s side will receive the PhP10,000 top purse, while the second placer gets PhP5,000. The third to fifth placers receive PhP3,000, PhP1,500 and PhP500 in that order.

The champion in the women’s side gets PhP5,000, followed by PhP2,500, PhP1,500 and PhP1,000 for the second to fourth placers, in that order.

A bowler who gets a perfect game or 300 will receive a bonus of PhP5,000.

The event will follow the World Cup format, said Jaime Tee, immediate past president of the organization who is also a long time ten pin bowler.

Ticket price is PhP1,000 and entitles a ticket holder to three pre-qualifying games. Tickets to requalifying games of similar three games cost PhP600.

There will be two grand winners of flat screen television. The other prizes are 10 rice cookers, five 25 kilogram rice, five electric fans and 100 assorted items.

Tickets are available at the Puyat Sports Center. Pigeon Lobien



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