Lower Quirino Hill to beautify territory with “library” on its stairs

WHEN FINISHED. Right photo shows what Barangay Lower Quirino Hill envisions for their stairs within their jurisdiction from how it looks now—bare (left). Barangay officials led by chief Van Dicang are calling on volunteer painters/artists to undertake their beautification project in which three have already come forward along with some of their youth | LQHB Photos

Just when reading comprehension is at its nadir among schoolchildren in the city, a barangay will implement a project that will not only be a beautification effort but will also promote reading just after the world’s celebration of Book Day.

Barangay Lower Quirino Hill will not only aim to beautify its surroundings but will be promoting reading among its constituents after World Book Day this Sunday, April 23, with having a sort of murals that will emulate covers of famous books on its stairs within its jurisdiction.

“(Most) likely (to start) next week as we are finalizing the paints and other materials, then start (the painting),” said barangay chieftain Van Dicang.

The initial effort to beautify the barangay through painting murals on its stairs will comprise 44 stairs measuring some 16 meters.

Dicang said the time of completion of the work will depend on the number of volunteers, and right now three have come forward to volunteer their talents for the project—mostly youth from their own barangay.

“So far we have three volunteer artists and some of our youth,” said Dicang, the youngest elected barangay head in the city.

Dicang said that he has already coordinated with Davies to provide the paints needed for the work.

In a post on its Facebook page earlier this week, Barangay Lower Quirino Hill sought volunteer painters/artists to “help us with our Barangay Beautification Project.”

An artist rendition or study of the stairway project shows book covers piled up, including Plato’s The Republic, Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, and Faust, a play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, among others.

This will be the second barangay-based mural project after the Upper Magsaysay work funded by the Pilando family.

“I was also thinking of the same project in my own barangay,” said artist Ged Alangui, a kagawad at City Camp Central, who is also an avid reader, a quality emulated by his daughter Sakura, a painter and now an aspiring creative writer. Pigeon Lobien



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