Managing Everyday Expenses as a Centenarian


Centenarians, individuals who have reached the remarkable age of 100, often face financial challenges in meeting their daily expenses. While their longevity is a cause for celebration, the practicalities of sustaining a comfortable lifestyle at this age are frequently underestimated.

Consider the case of Mrs. Leonila R. Reyes, a retired teacher and centenarian. Her son, Mr. Rodrigo R. Reyes, revealed in an interview that despite receiving a monthly pension of Seven Thousand pesos (7k) from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), her income falls short of covering essential expenses such as medications, vitamins, maintenance, groceries, and basic services.

To make ends meet, Mrs. Reyes now relies on financial assistance from her children and grandchildren. Mr. Reyes pointed out that if his mother were to qualify for a social pension as an Indigent Senior Citizen, the One Hundred Thousand peso cash gift provided would barely sustain her for a year. He advocates for a substantial increase in government support to ensure that centenarians like his mother can lead dignified and financially secure lives in their advanced age. | MULA, JHANILLE RYLE




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