Christmas in the Philippines begins at ”Ber” months. Households and establishments are bringing back their colorful Christmas displays while others are preparing for the upcoming activities. At work, we know it’s almost Christmas when we are about to receive monetary bonuses and even special packages from our respective employers. I guess most employees have already received their 13 th month pay and have spent it already to buy presents and goods for Noche Buena.

In SSS, you don’t have to be an employee for you to receive a 13th month pay. Since 1988, SSS retirement, total disability, and survivor pensioners are receiving an extra 1 month pension every December. Meanwhile, partial Disability Pensioners are also qualified to receive the extra pension provided that their pension duration is at least 12

This year, SSS started to give out this extra pension last December 1. For retirement pensioners whose birth date is between 1 and 15, they should have received their 13th month and December pensions on the first day of December. Meanwhile, for those retirement pensioners whose birth date is from 16 to 31, SSS credited their 13th month and December pensions last December 4. For those who availed the advance 18-month pension, their 1-month extra benefit was credited to their banks on December 4 as well.

For Survivor pensioners, the birth date of their deceased spouse will be considered as the contingency date, while for Total Disability Pensioners, their contingency date is the date of their medical operation or end of sickness period or date of their physical examination under our medical doctors.

SSS has already extended its communication to non-PESONet banks to credit the 13th month pension on or before December 4. Pensioners whose accounts are still with non-PESONet banks, its about time to shift your accounts to PESONet accredited banks. For the complete list of banks you may access the link . SSS has also coordinated with the Philippine Postal Corporation to expedite the release of the 13 th month pension of those pensioners who are still receiving their benefit via check.

Pensioners whose pension benefits were suspended due to non-compliance to Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) in the previous years but whose accrued pensions are now ready for resumption, they should have received their 13th month pension and December pension last December 16 and every 16th of the month thereafter. This applies if your bank is PESONet participating bank disbursement account. If not, then they will receive their bonus and pension on their contingency date.

Truly, Christmas in SSS is the season of giving. We honor our members, especially our pensioners – most of them are already in their twilight years. They have entrusted to SSS their hard-earned money through paying their monthly contributions and in turn, SSS has carefully and wisely invested them for a bigger return. It is both a fiduciary duty and moral obligation of SSS to protect and increase its fund to provide adequate benefits to its current and future members and pensioners.

On behalf of our President and CEO, Aurora Ignacio, Merry Christmas and healthful 2022 ahead!

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