More than P20 Million worth of Marijuana abandoned in Kalinga road

Members of Kalinga Police discover more than P20 million worth of dried marijuana bricks and tubes abandoned along the national road in Sitio Iyukan in Barangay Mallango, Tinglayan on Friday, January 21.

Kalinga police received a call from a concerned citizen informing them that five sacks were left at the side of the national road. The caller said that the contents were visibly marijuana prompting them to check on the sacks.

Responding police uncovered 158 dried marijuana bricks and 14 dried marijuana in tubular forms. Police were not able to arrest no one in the area.

Cops estimated the worth of the contraband at PhP20,640,000.

The dried marijuana bricks and tubes where brought to the Kalinga Crime Laboratory in Tabuk City for examination.

Earlier, Kalinga cops, who set up police check points in some areas of the province, were told that a delivery of marijuana from Tinglayan to neighboring provinces of Kalinga.



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