Mt. Pulag Akiki Trail reopens after Forest Fire Issue

The Mount Pulag Protected Landscape Protected Area Management Office released an advisory for the reopening of Akiki Trail which started last March 7, 2024, after any trekking activities were postponed due to forest fire risk.

Last February 21, 2024, an advisory was announced to cancel and temporarily close the Akiki Trail subsequent to the forest fire report from the lower slopes of Eddet, Kabayan, Benguet, or Upper Agno River Basin Resource Reserve.

According to the ground observers, the direction of the smoke was headed towards the Akiki Trail. Hence, the Park Management decided to postpone and cancel trekking activities via Akiki Trail from the western ingress to steer clear of the smog and incidents.

Trekkers via Babadak Trail or southern ingress were also advised to trek in caution as the smog affected the summit’s visibility and suggested the tower site as a vantage area instead.

Nonetheless, last March 7, in line with the assessment of the Park Management Rangers, Partners, and Guides of Mount Pulag, entry, and trekking activities via Akiki Trail are finally allowed again following all risks of forest fire have been addressed.

The park management still maintains its right to close the park once any safety and security measures may be compromised.

According to them, El Nino is currently being closely monitored, hence, trekkers, climbers, and guests must observe precautions.


~Cielo Angel Nicole Abendan~

**Photo courtesy: PIA Benguet**



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