Music synergy trapped in a busker’s soul

He was only 13 when he first held a guitar of his own. It was a gift from his mom, and later on, his voice became a gift to everyone who comes to hear and see him perform a musical number. At first glance, Fritz Segundo, 21, would seem like a shy guy but actually has what it takes to perform in front of many people – along Session Road or at Harrison during the night market. Not everyone can sing in front of strangers who are just passing by, but he did it, enjoy it, and the people who come to hear him. It was his late father who inspired him to pursue music. His father was and always be the wind beneath his wings when he started his musical venture.

Looking back, he continues to ponder about how proud his father would be if only he could see him now. He may have lost his father, but it turned out to be his weapon to show the world his talent. When it comes to struggles, he views them in a different light. He said that his musical journey was not that difficult since he loved what he was doing, and his love for it has kept him from going on. Most singers and buskers cover songs, which he does, but he also has his originals. One of the songs he wrote is called “Bangon” (Rise).

He wrote it in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic which was taking its toll on everyone – both health and emotional aspects. He wrote it to be able to inspire and remind others that no matter what the world is going through and how hard things are, we can always rise up against the odds. As Fritz brings off his talent, he saves up for his future studies. He is a proud architecture student at the University of the Cordilleras. During the pandemic, he stopped attending school, and now he has been saving through busking and various musical gigs and he plans to enroll this school year. His passion and love for music were anchored by his father’s support, which serves also as the driving force that keeps him going. The memory of his he carries always as he sings in front of strangers in the streets of Baguio.



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