NTF-ELCAC lauds “neutralization” of NPA national operational command spokesman

The NTF ELCAC lauded the neutralization of George Madlos alias “Ka Oris”, commander and spokesperson of the NPA’s National Operations Command and spokesperson of the National Democratic Front (NDF) in Mindanao.

Most wanted CPP NPA NDF leader.

“We do not rejoice that a Filipino was killed, yet again, by fellow Filipinos. Nor do we rejoice that superior military action was what it took to stop this man from hurting our people,” said Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, NTF-ELCAC spokesperson for Sectoral Concerns said.

“Not a peaceful dialogue between brothers, but a most decisive show of force in neutralizing a butcher (referring to Madlost, who according to the government is a most wanted CPP NPA NDF leader) who was directly responsible for so much death and destruction.”

Indeed Ka Oris had blood dripping off his hands at the countless crimes against humanity he himself strategized and implemented, Badoy continued.

The CPP however claimed Madlos was not killed in a legitimate encounter but were killed summarily with his medic.

But government does not buy the propaganda of the CPP and instead went on to describe Madlos’ killing as a victory of the counter-insurgency operations of the military.

Badoy went on to describe Madlos as a “butcher” as she said “he played a lead role in the recruitment and radicalization of the helpless, the most gullible among us, mutating them into violent extremists of the NPA that brought them deeper into poverty or ended their lives.” Farmers, fisherfolk, our indigenous brothers and sisters, our children, the urban poor was the well upon which George Madlos drew fresh blood to perpetuate their unwinnable war that has ended the lives of countless Filipinos and that has obstructed our country’s march to progress, the official stressed.

What we rejoice in is that now this terrorist who was a cut above all terrorists can no longer harm the Filipino people, Badoy declared, adding, “his death will send the clear signal to those who persist in the futility of fighting the government that the only sensible option left for them is to lay down their arms peacefully and rejoin civil society.” She added, “we hope Ka Oris brings to his grave the delusions of the terrorist CPP NPA NDF that they can ever hope to win their senseless war fueled by an obsolete and inhumane ideology more so when they are fighting a people galvanized in fierce rejection of it and in defense of the Republic.”

Badoy said the NTF-ELCAC is congratating the Armed Forces of the Philippines- particularly the men and women of the 403rd Infantry Brigade under Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Division (4ID) under Major General Romeo Brawner, she described as “real defenders and protectors of our people for once again putting us out of harm’s way”.



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