October busking fest eyed under proposed ordinance

LET’S VOLT IN. A busker in a Voltes V costume at the Prime Hotel at the Session Road, Calderon Street junction. Beside him is Autobot stalwart Bumblebee who is always with “leader” Optimus Prime at the spot and some of the attractions along Session road, prompting councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. to file a proposed ordinance to stage an annual busking festival every October. PML

A busking festival is being eyed as street performances is fast becoming one of the biggest attractions in Baguio’s streets especially on Sundays.

Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. seeking for the establishment of said festival during the last week of October under a proposed ordinance where street shows are conducted catering to performers

 To showcase their talents and skills.

In filing the ordinance, Yangot took cognizance of the need “to institutionalize a busking festival that would further encourage and inspire all local buskers in the city and from other places in showcasing their talents and skills.”

“This Busking Festival Ordinance has the primary purpose of enhancing further creativity in the city and providing [an] avenue for all creative buskers in the city as well as catering to other buskers coming from different regions in the country,” said the proposed ordinance.

In coming out with the proposed ordinance, Yangot noted the tremendous increase of buskers who serve as an added attraction both to the locals and tourists.

“The public, especially the children, are excited when they come across an unexpected act,” he stated.

If passed, a Busking Festival Committee shall be created with the mayor as chaired and the city administrator as co-chair. The city tourism officer will serve as the action officer, while the city treasurer and the chairperson of the city council’s Committee on Tourism, Special Events, Parks, and Playgrounds as members.

The funds to be used for the conduct of the festivity will come from the annual budget of the City Administrator’s Office.

The proposed ordinance has been referred to the city council’s committee on tourism, special events, parks, and playgrounds under councilor Lilia Farinas for review.

Yangot is also the author of the busking ordinance that sought the regulation of busking in the city. Pigeon Lobien



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