P103M cannabis goes up in smoke in Kalinga

Joint Philippine Army, police and PDEA agents raided and uprooted at least 14 illicit marijuana plantations valued at P103M in different locations in Tinglayan, Kalinga from February 25-27.

Northern Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Ernesto Torres Jr. said government forces swooped down in Brgy Tulgao East and Mt. Chumanchil in Brgy Loccong, all in Tinglayan, Kalinga, uprooting and burning on-site a total of 485,900 fully grown marijuana plants (FGMP), 72,000 grams of marijuana dried leaves and 5,000 grams of marijuana seeds on the said areas.

Six plantations were found in Brgy. Tulgao, another six in Brgy. Loccong, and two plantation sites in Brgy Butbut, which sums up to 45,500 square meters estimated to value P103,365,000.

Maj. Gen. Laurence Mina, Commander of Joint Task Force Tala attributed the government successful operations versus marijuana plantations to their “synergized efforts with the PDEA and their police counterpart.” He also added that the security forces on site will continue to keep an eye on these areas to ensure drug personalities involved are caught.

The Cordillera police added that the total MJ haul that included simultaneous eradication operations also in Benguet was placed at P139M after joint PDEA, police and Army troopers also raided several plantations in Kibungan and Bakun, both in Benguet from January 25-28 in “Operation Herodutos 2” and seized MJ bricks and in-tubes along checkpoints in Kalinga that dreamt to constrict the marijuana supply.



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