Painting of biking mural at Marcos H’way-Legarda starts

BIKING AS A WAY OF LIFE. Mayor Benjamin Maglong writes Climate Action Wall to start the Biking as a Way of Life mural at a wall at the Legarda Road – Marcos Highway junction. The nine foot high mural will be done by the Sin-Agi artists led by councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. Pigeon Lobien

With mayor Benjamin Magalong painting “climate action wall” at the tailend of a 14 foot high riprap wall at the junction of Legarda Road and Marcos Highway, the Biking As a Way of Life mural has started.

“We hope to have more murals of this kind sprout in the city,” said Magalong who told Sin-Agi convenor councilor Leandro  Yangot, Jr. that he will make sure the artists involved in the project will be given talent fees though it will come early next year.

The mural that could be 100 foot long when finished will depict nine bikers with Mount Santo Tomas as backdrop.

Magalong said that the mural is one of the advocacies he wants to push to reduce carbon print and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The study for the mural was made by biking enthusiast Homer Rigonan, who was among the few biking enthusiast present during the launching of the mural Thursday and will be undertaken by Sin-Agi artists with Gladys Labsan, Ged Alangui, Wigan Lopez Nauyac, Hermie Bruno and Yangot as lead artists.

Artist apprentices from the Free Art Lessons at the Park will join them so they could better their crafts, said Yangot.

“We are honored that the mayor helped us in this project and our group to implement it, “ said Yangot who also thanked Davies for providing the paints used.

Sin -Agi is Yangot’s brainchild and it means siblings with the older helping the younger ones reach their potential.

The Baguio Educators Artists Guild will act as support group since most are teachers trying to earn their masters or doctorate degrees thus “they can’t join us on weekdays but only on weekends,” said Yangot who added that it may take them two weeks to complete the mural.

The  giant mural will depict bikers from the different sectors of the society about a hundred meters from the Heroes mural for health care workers.

Yangot told  Magalong last week that work will definitely start by December 15 as materials are sourced out and equipment needed will be placed at the venue at a portion of the riprap wall at the junction of Legarda Road or where the Police Station 5 headquarters used to stand.

The launching coincided also with Magalong’s birthday with the mayor receiving a portrait of himself done by the Sin-Agi artists.

“It’s a go but then our artists should wait for their talent fee by early next year,” said Magalong during the earlier meeting with Yangot, artist Labsan and Eugene Valbuena of the city administrator’s office.

“It was a moment at the Loakan Road where one of our fellow bikers rendered it graphically to come out with the proposed mural,” said Valbuena, who leads the City Hall’s biking squad and are on a weekly session most of the time with the mayor.

Valbuena said  Rigonan also  made a digital rendition showing the study plastered at the Marcos Highway – Legarda intersection wall.

Magalong said that biking is now a way of life and asked the group that each figure will represent a sector of the society like a nurse, cop, student, teacher and others.

In a Facebook post, Yangot said: “We thank mayor Benjie Magalong for the trust and confidence in our group. We were tasked  to do the mural painting at the corner of Marcos Highway and Legarda road.”

Yangot said the mural could be finished by December 30 and to be launched on January 2023. He also thanked Davies Paints which provided the paints needed for the mural project.

Meanwhile, Magalong also said that he wants same group to make a mural on the state of the Buyog Watershed at the Pinget-Quirino Hill which is getting smaller every year due to encroachment.

“We want to send the message that it should be stopped,” said Magalong saying that it is one of the city’s watersheds and water sources.

He added that a short poetry like an epigram can be made to accompany said mural so the message can be spent that there should be a stop on squatting and preserve the remaining watershed.

He also encouraged the artist present to look for more walls around the city where a mural can be painted on.

The group is also joining Climate Reality Project Philippines to raise awareness on climate change and join the worldwide movement to “act now”. Pigeon Lobien



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