Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Programs

There are a lot of words to describe how we lived during the hard lockdowns brought about by this pandemic. Not only it has left us emotionally and physically drained but also financially burdened. Nations are battling economic crisis as limited finances continue to weaken an individual’s spending power and savings mechanism. As far as our government is concerned, they have been relentless in providing different forms of relief programs for the vast majority whose financial capability was greatly challenged.

Sensitive to the needs and concerns of its members and employers during the pandemic, SSS recently launched its Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Programs (PRRPs). These programs will benefit our members and employers who were unable to fulfill their contribution and loan obligations to SSS due to this crisis.

PRRP 1 was implemented last July 2021 which provided a one-month extension for all regular employers to pay for the contributions and loans of their employees without incurring any penalty. For July 2021 contributions, employers were supposed to pay until the last working day of August 2021 but was extended until the last working day of September 2021.

PRRP 2 or the Social Security (SS) Contribution Penalty Condonation Program gives all qualified employers the chance to pay overdue SS contributions, free of penalties, in full or installment for a period of four to 24 months, depending on the total amount of delinquency. The program covers the applicable month of March 2020 and onwards. It is already being offered since November 15, 2021 and will run for six months.

PRRP 3 or the Enhanced Installment Payment Program will enable qualified employers to pay their past-due Social Security (SS) and Employees’ Compensation (EC) contributions through installment basis for period of nine to 60 months, depending on the total amount of delinquency. Period to avail of this program is from November 2, 2021, to October 31, 2022.

PRRP 4, also known as Housing Loan Restructuring and Penalty Condonation Program, is being offered to all qualified SSS housing loan borrowers, successor/s-in-interest, and legal heirs with past due housing loans. They may pay the outstanding principal, interest, insurance dues, and legal expenses of their SSS housing loans in full within 90 calendar days from the receipt of the notice of approval of application; or pay the 50% within 90 days from their receipt of the notice of approval and pay the remaining 50% in 12 equal monthly amortizations. Penalties will be condoned upon full payment. SSS Housing and Acquired Asset Management Sections (HAAMS) started receiving applications since November 22, 2021. Here in North Luzon, HAAMS office is located at the 2/F of SSS Bldg., Harrison Rd., Baguio City. PRRP 4 will run until February 21, 2022.

The last PRRP offering is the Short-Term Member Loan Penalty Condonation Program or PRRP 5. All due and demandable arrears composed of the outstanding principal and interest of a member-borrower’s past due salary, calamity, and or emergency loans, as well as loans under the Salary Loan Early Renewal Program and Loan Restructuring Programs in the previous years will be consolidated. The consolidated loan may be settled through one-time full payment within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the notice of approval and paying the remaining 50% in six equal monthly installments. All unpaid penalties will be condoned upon full payment. Application for PRRP 5 started last November 15, 2021 and will be open until February 14, 2022 via the member’s My.SSS account.

Affected members are encouraged to avail of these Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Programs for them to regain their active membership status and enjoy their benefits and loan privileges. PRRPs, together with other existing SSS benefit programs such as the Maternity, Unemployment, Sickness, Disability, Retirement, Death and Funeral and other loan privileges such as salary, calamity, pension loan, educational loan, and investment programs such as the Workers Investment and Savings Programs (WISP), the Personal Equity and Savings Option or PESO Fund and the Flexi-Fund are anchored from the mission statement of SSS which shall “promote social justice through savings and provide meaningful protection and exemplary service to members and their families”.

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