Probe begins over newborn baby boy’s severed neck at Abra hospital

The newborn baby boy inside a paper box (photo credit to the family)

A deep investigation has been launched over the death of a baby boy at the Abra Provincial Hospital, whose head was almost separated when it was born.

A photograph of the newborn posted by the mother’s kin turned everyone from shock to awe as the skin of the newborn’s neck was severely torn.

The family said a thorough investigation is wanting to give justice for the baby.

Investigators from the Abra Police Provincial Office (PPO), Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG)- Abra and Bangued police already launched its probe by questioning members of the OB-Gyne team present when the baby boy was being delivered at the hospital.

Dr. Conchinita Veronia, who attended to Kimberly Cano’s delivery procedure on October 7 though claimed that the baby boy was already dead 24 hours before he was brought out from the mother’s womb.

Cano is from Barangay Bangbang-ag, Bucay town in Abra.

According to Dr. Veronia, patient Cano together with her watcher went through proper processes at the hospital’s triage before getting admitted at the APH. She claimed that when they were conducting basic tests from the triage, they already detected he was not breathing inside the mother’s womb. They brought Cano to the delivery room and further test were instituted to get vital signs in accordance to the protocols and processes prior to delivery.

The medical attendants have to confirm the baby was dead as Dr. Veronia claimed they called for the watcher to show the baby was already dead.

Veronia told the investigators that they conducted normal procedures in delivering a baby. She felt the head of the baby was soft and claimed when the baby boy’s head came out, his neck was already torn.

Veronia claimed the almost decapitated head could have been caused by how the family placed the baby inside the box or how the box was transported to their home in Bucay town, some 20 minutes away from the hospital.

She insisted that the laceration on the baby’s neck was only two inches when he was in the hospital and claimed that they brought the mother to a room after the delivery.

Veronia said the baby is premature at 35 weeks only.

Abra officials urged the hospital to cooperate with the probe and truthfully answer investigators.



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