Salad-making held as La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival Opens

To formally open this year’s 42nd Strawberry Festival at La Trinidad, Benguet, King’s College of the Philippines held a salad-making contest in collaboration with the municipal government last March at the Ebenezer Convention Center.

This is a well part of the college’s Annual Skills Olympics.

Student-contestants from 6 La Trinidad barangays (Ambiong, Balili, Pico, Poblacion, Puguis, and Wangal) competed to create salads made of various local products. They were given 1 hour to create their recipes, with strawberries being featured as the main ingredient among all salads.

“If they continue this activity, the competitors can create various recipes that can market the locality”, Dolsey Wreth Sapi, the program chair of King’s College’s Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, said.

She also emphasized that this event can also help the local farmers.

Among the dishes created is a strawberry quinoa salad with balsamic dressing and rice wine by John Lloyd Gapla-ew, a student from King’s College and competitor from Barangay Ambiong.

“It’s important for me to enhance my skills for me to learn the various methods of mixing ingredients”, he commented.

Ivanric Cayat, another competitor from Benguet National High School and Barangay Wangal, emphasized quality in making his salad.

“I looked for the quality of the ingredients, such as how fresh the lettuce and strawberries are”, he expounded.

The winners were then announced after the judges tasted and graded all the salads made by the competitors. John Lloyd Gapla-ew and Mr. Amistoso from Barangay Pico tied for 3rd place while Ms. Malote from Puguis won second place. Finally, Ivanric Cayat won the overall competition with his strawberry and mixed greens with a strawberry etag vinaigrette. When asked about winning the event, he said “I didn’t expect to win; I’m glad to take any place (in the competition)”.

After the competition, audience members were allowed to consume the various dishes made by the competitors. This event is part of the larger Strawberry Festival, with more activities scheduled by the La Trinidad LGU throughout the month, such as the Street Dancing Parade on the 16th of March, and Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad on March 24th.


~Xyrhille Mhark Abapo~



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