SM Baguio Hosts PhilHealth’s Konsulta Caravan, Emphasizing Improved Health Benefits for Filipinos

In response to Philippine President BBM’s directive to enhance insurance coverage for all citizens, SM Baguio recently hosted PhilHealth’s Konsulta Caravan on March 12. Themed “Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama,” the event aimed to amplify the message of “Damang-dama ko ang Benepisyo,” highlighting the importance of accessible healthcare benefits.


The press conference featured key PhilHealth figures, including Dr. Gadgad, Ms. Imelda Villanmar, and Atty. April Gayo discussed plans for expanding and institutionalizing 156 hemodialysis sessions for chronic kidney patients at stage 5. Mayor Benjamin Magalong made a special guest appearance, underscoring the significance of the event.


A focal point of the discussion was the upcoming Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair on April 6 & 7 at Benguet State University, which aligns with President BBM’s vision for a “Bagong Pilipinas.” The fair will showcase a range of services aimed at improving healthcare access for all.


One of the key announcements was the introduction of a new Konsulta (Preventive Health Care) package, priced at only 1500 Php per quarter. This package excludes dependents below 21 years old or above 21 years old with medical conditions, as long as they are registered. PhilHealth also plans to release new policies and guidelines for additional benefits later this year.


To avail of the benefits under the Universal Health Care program, individuals must register for the First Patient Encounter. PhilHealth also revealed plans to construct a Cancer Screening Clinic and a Dialysis Center, both of which will be covered by the organization.


The event marks a significant step towards achieving universal healthcare coverage in the Philippines, demonstrating a commitment to improving the health and well-being of all Filipinos.

~Christine Louise Sumbillo~



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