Team Sitel transformed to gift giving superheroes to Bethesda kids

AUTOBOT TRANSFORM AND READY TO ROLL. Sayeth Sitel Baguio Vice President of Operations Ian Zafra as Autobot leader Optimus Prime (left), who with HR Administrative Assistant Tori Padua, Bumblebee, and the Sitel Baguio CSR held a gift giving and feeding event at the Bethesda International Ministries recently. Sitel Photo

Santa Claus could come in many form, or even early, and the Sitel Group recently just did that as they came, saw and brought smiles to children from Bethesda International Ministries in Tuding, Itogon recently.

The team came knocking at the door of Bethesda bringing in hot meals and donations of rice, slippers, personal hygiene items and cleaning and sanitation supplies.

They were Santa but they came in the form of superheroes – human and robot form.

Led by Vice President for Operations Ian Zafra, Sitel Baguio brought donations and spent the afternoon with the wards of Bethesda, which provides a home for children and youth who have been orphaned, neglected or abandoned by their families.

Zafra came in as the leader of Autobot in the Transformers franchise and assisted by his trusted Bumblebee, aka Tori Pascua, Human Resources administrative assistant.

With them are the fabulous girls of DC Comics led by Amazon princess Wonder Woman (Marie Arellano), Batgirl (Arlene Joy Ligot), Kate Valerie Basawil (Supergirl) and Nadja Mae Naje (Catwoman).

There were also the Marvel superheroes led by the god of thunder, Thor (Bryan Crpuz), the friendly neighborhood superhero Spiderman (Kit Arvin Bernardez), Guardian of the Galaxy leader Starlord (Mark Caniedo), Black Widow (Shan Babiera), Dr. Strange (Ron Ong) and X-Men co-leader Storm (Anee Laxamana) and Rosemarie Grabador as the Star Wars sequel heroine Rey Skywalker, nee Palpatine.

Sitel Group Michelle Alejandro, AFK Public Relations, said: “The superhero team spent the day entertaining the children and playing a variety of fun games.”

“Being able to bring donations for the children was amazing, but spending time with them, seeing their faces light up when they saw the superheroes arrive, and just seeing them happy was priceless,” said Zafra.

He added: “We’re happy to be able to give back to the community in our own little way.”

Laxamana said: “It has been four years since the Baguio Leadership Team last visited Bethesda Children’s Foundation. To see how the toddlers before have grown and to see new kids as I’m sure most of the kids from before have already moved on to better places, it really brings me so much joy to see how we put smiles on the kids’ faces.”

She added: “I consider it a blessing to still be able to give back to the community despite the pandemic. I hope we were able to inspire the kids and show them that all of them can be heroes too.”

Babiera described the experience as humbling and heart-warming. She said: “It was an incredible experience to be the source of joy of both the children and the staff for the day,” she shared. “Their smiles and laughter will be one of my fondest memories of this year. I salute Bethesda Ministries and their staff for taking such good care of the children and giving them a nurturing environment and home.”

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