The Echoes of the Gongs in Tadian: Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian Festival

The 16th “Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian” Festival in Mt. Province, which began on February 28, 2024, and ended on March 3, 2024, has left the i-Tadian with “not enough” feelings due to the incredible experiences they had. Every year, this festival will live on in memory since everyone can participate in a plethora of enjoyable activities while also demonstrating the festival’s spirit to others who may not be fully aware of its true purpose.

The key point of this year’s Ayyoweng ed Lambak is to showcase, promote, and celebrate the indigenous way of living which the local community has been trying to preserve.

The cultural heritage geared towards peace, unity and progress, brings about cultural awareness and reaffirms identity, boosting the socio-economic situation through enhanced product development and production enhanced preservation and protection of the environment and natural resources.

“It is also to instill our cultural awareness among us most especially to our children and to promote the economic and tourism potential of Tadian”, says Mayrylle Kye Marrero, the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) Chairman of Tadian, Mt. Province.

This yearly festival starts on the second week of February until the first sunday of March.

It was first launched in 2009 through the collaborative efforts of the communities of Tadian and Tadian LGU with the leadership of former Mayor Constito Masweng and former Vice Mayor Febe Sally-Cawilan.

The Ayyoweng Festival is a subtle and powerful medium through which the “i-Tadian” communicate their varied emotions to the outside world. It is an avenue where the many beautiful and value-laden cultural practices of the past, especially those that are almost forgotten, can re-surface to give inspirations especially to the young generation of Tadian.

“Ayyoweng” is a kankanaey term that refers to indigenous melodies like the native chants and any rhythmical sound produced by indigenous musical instruments like the “takik”. It also denotes the enchanting characteristics or “ge-nga-as” of any music and the movements that go with it that captures the appreciation of a listener and viewer.

On the other hand,” Lambak”  is a clan festival that is held to honour the Almighty Creator for an abundant harvest or to celebrate family gatherings like marriages, anniversaries, and christenings. Although the term “Lambak” was originally used to refer to the playing of gongs, it now also refers to the usage of contemporary musical instruments and actions that represent our adherence to current trends.

Highlights of the Ayyoweng ed Lambak ed Tadian are the different activities which showcased the indigenous culture of the people in western Mt. Province such as the Anap di Bangan ed Tadian pageant of February 28; the Agro-Industrial Parade and opening of the Agro-industrial Fair, Program with Ecumenical Service, Preparation and blessing of the booths, Partaking of Traditional dishes of February 29; the Municipal Civic Parade, Concert for a cause for March 1; the Cultural Parade in Ethnic Attire, Cultural Presentation Public Dance(Synchronized Takik), and Indigenous Games for March 2; the Achiever’s Parade, Awarding Ceremony to the Achievers and sports activities for March 3.

As part of the town’s well-preserved tradition and practices, several rituals, ceremonial prayers, chants, and dances were also performed throughout the festival.

~Anas Abdelrahim Taha~

(Agro-industrial parade presenting the Tadian Municipal Officials and employees)

**Photo courtesy: George Tugan Photography**



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