Three more Cordillera Athletes in Podium finishes in Riyadh World Combat

Cordillera athletes took home two silver medals and a bronze this week in the World Combat Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Islay Erika Bomogao failed to go home with the gold in Muay Thai waikru but the silver she won is just as sweet.

Lee Ariel Lampacan also took home the same medal after falling short in the combat side of the Thai art of eight limbs.

Then taekwondo djin Kobe Macario combined with Venerable for the bronze medal in a mixed poomsae competition.

Bomogao did not see action in the Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia last May where muay Thai was scrapped. She instead won the IFMA world title in the combat side of the Thai national sport. She also took the silver medal in the waikru side.

Lampacan saw action in Cambodia but in Vovinam where he settled for the silver medal.

The Baguio City National High School alumnus Macario, meanwhile, helped the Philippine poomsae team to the bronze medal.

Five Cordillera athletes have so far won in the Riyadh games where Jones Llabres Inso and Thornton Lou Sayan were bronze medalists in taijiquan and taijijian combined and nangun-nanquan, respectively. Pigeon Lobien



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