Transparency issues raised in Tabuk City market development

Tabuk City councilor Zorayda Wacnang is seeking transparency who are legitimate beneficiaries of the private mall development in their city, while aknowledging there are issues still to be addressed like who are legitimate vendors to be taken in when the mall operates.

Wacnang said the list of those who opted to rent stalls in the soon-to-be new market and also the inventory of existing stall owners and residents in Bulanao Public Market should be made public for scrutiny.

The lady councilor cited, this is one of the conditions in the resolution authorizing Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero to enter into an agreement with the XRC Mall Developer Inc. in developing the public market.

She said there are suspicions that there are already pre-approved beneficiaries in the new market.

The city councilor said there should be an assurance that no one will be deprived of their source of income and livelihood from the development of the Bulanao Public Market.
The current and legitimate stall owners should be prioritized, Wacnang urged.

The lady councilor is also requesting for the copy of the Contract of Lease signed by Estrañero and the mall developer. She said she has yet to see if it is true that there are some conditions that were not complied.



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