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Most people who file cases to disqualify a candidate commonly file petitions to disqualify under the grounds cited by Omnibus Election Code and those mentioned in the Local Government Code. Little does everyone know that there are other means by which the same end may be achieved.

Why don’t they try to file an action that could be filed at the inception of a person’s life cycle as a candidate. Naturally, one cannot be considered a candidate unless he or she is a registered voter, so they may file an opposition to his or her registration with the Election Registration Board (ERB). The ERB is the body that meets and convenes quarterly in a year for the purpose of approving and/or disapproving applications for registration. The Board shall be composed of
the Election Officer as chairman, and as members, the public school official most senior in rank and the local civil registrar, or in his or her absence, the city or municipal treasurer. (Sec. 15, RA 8189).

Being a registered voter is one of the qualifications needed for a person to run as a candidate, and lacking this qualification renders the candidate ineligible to run and necessarily hold public office.

In case the ERB fails to rule in the complainant’s favor, the complainant is not left without other remedies under the law, most especially so if the grounds he or she relies upon concerns the ‘would be ‘candidate’s citizenship and residence qualifications. These qualifications are required by law and must not be considered as trivial things that may be taken for granted or even disregarded, as a matter fact, these involve public interest and may be questioned by any
ordinary voter of the barangay.

The complainant must thus be patient. Find out why, when we discuss this topic on Friday, April 30, 2021 at 8:30 am, during the Balitaktakan slot with Mr. Dhobie De Guzman and DJ Grasya Pantasya.



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