Vote Right

Vote Right is a project recently launched by COMELEC – Sablan, headed by Mr. Jeffrey Santiago Rubino, Election Officer II. It seeks to give reliable information and re-educate voters to the end that voters will rethink before casting their votes on election day. Mr. Rubino says: “It (Vote Right Project) aims to bring forth enlightened voters and hopes to produce quality
voters and eventually eliminate election cultures of band wagon voting and vote buying.” The acronym RIGHT, represents the ideal values that must be possessed by a leader:

R – Righteousness
I – Integrity
G – Growth mentality
H – Heart for Public Service
T – Trustworthy

This could be fully described through the following literary piece:

Vote Right

Conceived as a plan
Introduced in Sablan
Brainchild of Rubino
Who could have ever thought,
His intentions could never be bought

A leader must be righteous,
Outstanding and bold, but not outrageous
A leader must have integrity,
Naturally speaks out without temerity
A person gifted with uprightness
And with moral standards for greatness

A leader must have growth mentality,
Mature, Innovative, brave and true
Pieces of a virtue that is not commonly new
That can only be achieved by a couple or a few

A leader must have public service in his or her heart
Emphatic and caring from the start
Kindness, gentleness and meekness
Have never been signs of weakness

A leader must be trustworthy
Reliable and ready
He or She will listen no matter how busy
Fail He or She will not, even if time passes by so quickly

A means to condition the voters to be discerning,
In times like these, are we not supposed to be thinking?
Vote Right is the answer if you ask me
Education and Information is the tool for us to see

It only takes one voice to inspire and influence others
So let’s call out to all our sisters and brothers
Vote Right without fright
See the light for what is right
To get the change we need
Vote Right is the key
After all, knowledge is free for you and me

Indeed, the Vote Right Project is a novel one. Perhaps, it is what we Filipinos need during these times. May we be wise enough to rethink when we cast our votes on May 9, 2022. This project was launched on February 25, 2021 and was warmly welcomed by public servants in the municipality of Sablan. Find out more about Vote Right on Insider’s Notes on Election Laws during the Balitaktakan slot with Mr. Dhobie De Guzman and DJ Grasya Pantasya on April 23, 2021 at 8:30 am on RNG Luzon.



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