With another surge, more restrictions set in Baguio

THE WORST IS YET TO COME. Mayor Benjamin Magalong gives the warning the there will be surges this month. PIO Baguio

Despite the general community quarantine set by the Inter-agency Task Force for the month of September, mayor Benjamin Magalong issued 106 Wednesday that put a stop for non-Baguio residents to come up to the city, limited movements for children 17 years and younger as well as a modified liquor ban.

Magalong, who read his Baguio Day message from home being under quarantine, in issuing the EO noted the increase of Covid-19 cases the latter part of August prompting him to impose additional restrictions.

He noted that there is 30 percent increase of cases from July to August, an 85 percent increase of cases for people 17 years and younger and a surge of cases since the third week of August of at least 87 new cases per day.

Magalong also noted that the city has already the delta variant of the virus wherein six have been confirmed.

The additional restrictions, Magalong said, is aimed “to halt widespread community transmission, and to enable our response and action teams time to regroup for better offensive against this continued health threat;…”

For persons aged 17 years old and younger, the EO said that they are permitted to go to recreational or leisure activities in outdoor areas. Outdoor areas, the EO said are places where there is free air movement like parks, playgrounds, biking area and hiking trails, outdoor tourist sites and attractions, outdoor non-contact sports courts and venues and al fresco seating areas in food and beverage establishments with dine-in services.

Children are also allowed to go to indispensable appointments that require physical presence like medical check-ups and emergencies.

The modified liquor ban will start at 8PM and until 12 noon the following day. Restaurants are reminded that serving liquors is only allowed as incident to dining.

For the month of August, the Covid-19 surge started on the 20th when 104 tested positive, since then the city has three digit incidences with 115 on the 22nd, 103 on the 26th and 27th and a high of 150 on the 31st, the third highest so far.

The total cases of 1,986 is the second highest since the April chart buster of 3,046.

Total recoveries for the month is 1,463 or a daily average of 47 against the 63 daily average of new infections and more than one death or a total of 35 to bring casualties to 343.

Active cases also nearly tripled from 388 at the start of the month to 870 at the end.



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