Yamato a flagship of 18th IPMS open competition at SM City Baguio

A SHIP OF ALL AGES. The Yamato, Japan’s gargantuan ship that was once its flag carrier but was sunk by the US Navy before the end of World War 2 in all its splendour during the 18TH IPMS Open at the SM Baguio atrium. Baguio Country Club general manager Anthony de Leon pose beside the “ship”. PML

Standing beside the world’s biggest warship ever, Philippine Navy, reserved, Lt. Commander Anthony de Leon look dashing in his blue navy uniform.

Yamato was one of the more famous ships during World War II which unfortunately was sunk by the United States Navy during the tailend of the war. At one time, it was the flagship of the Japan Imperial Navy which challenged American supremacy in the Pacific.

But its fate was sealed after the Americans won the Battle of Midway, then followed it up with another victory at Leyte Gulf, one of the world’s biggest naval battles.

The nearly 3 feet iteration of the 263 meter ship was one of the best features of the 18th staging of the IPMS showing at the SM City Baguio atrium during Independence Day.

It shared equal billings with the already retired  SR71 or the Thunderbird, the fastest ever plane, or the more famous jet fighters from the Vietnam war, the F-4 Phantom.

There were submarines and tanks.

Featured also were the different iterations of Gundam, one of the more famous robotechs which came out after  Mazinger Z and Voltes V, which dominated the Philippine small screen in the late 70s.

Yamato became a staple for young boys back then when it was brought to television as Space Battleship Yamato, a 1974 animated series, where it was retrofitted to be able to travel interstellar and end an alien threat.

On June 12, at SM the Baguio Country Club general manager and his staff or crew also in their Navy uniform led the opening of the 18th IPMS. PML



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