Benguet djinns in 26-13-15 G-S-B production in Malaysia tilt

WHEN MEDALS RAIN. The Benguet taekwondo team led by coach Danrey Velo, left, had a 26-13-15, gold-silver-bronze haul in the MBW International Taekwondo Championships 2023 held at Stadium Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia recently. From the Facebook Page of Danrey Velo

Benguet taekwondo athletes came home with a 26-13-15, gold-silver-bronze haul in the MBW International Taekwondo Championships 2023 held at Stadium Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently.

In a report, coach Danrey Velo said that the Samahang Taekwondo ng Pilipinas and Provincial Government of Benguet backed 31 athlete contingent of team Benguet won medals in both poomsae and kroyugi events of the Korean martial events of the Malaysia competitions that drew some 2,500 athletes from 16 nations including the Philippines.

The team actually took 26 gold medals in poomsae of which one is duo and three others in team events, even as 11 silver medals were earned in the demonstration component of sport where six were from individual performances and two in duo events.

The kroyugi fighters came home with a 3-5-4 haul.

Of the 15 bronze medals won, 11 are from poomsae and four from kroyugi.

The Philippine contingents won first runner up in poomsae.

The participants came from host Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hongkong, Macau and Philippines and who competed in Individual Poomsae, Pair Poomsae, Team Poomsae, Freestyle Poomsae and Kyorugi event.

Velo said the success of the Philippine contingent was thanks to “overtime and late trainings have undergone by the athletes for the past two months to make it this far.”

He also thanked the Provincial Government “of Benguet for the support and all those who prayed for the success of the team.”

The players were recently given citation by the provincial government during its annual Benguet CARES (Cordillera Athletes Recognition for Excellence in Sports).

Wayne Eusebio led all athletes with three gold medals on top of a single bronze coming from kroyugi. Eusebio took an individual gold in poomsae and later on paired with Precious Ashley Benitez in kroyugi pair and with Jhon Bert Valenzuela and Elcanor Mangusan won the mint in the team poomsae.

Jhon Bert Valenzuela had two mints and a silver medal coming from individual and team poomsae and pair poomsae, respectively.

Benitez and Mangusan had three medals also, two golds and a bronze. Benitez won gold medals in the pair and team poomsae and a bronze in individual poomsae.

Mangusan had a mint in individual and team poomsae and a bronze medal in kroyugi.

Multi-medalists include Yuamiekoh Ganado Giana Zienne Esiong, Zaine Dawn Acquisio and Angela Nichole Perez, while Kody Wanson and Manilyn Mataag had two mints coming from individual poomsae and kroyugi.

Aldrick Kurt Pugong, Kristauf Bosaingand Alwina Dimacquiat had a gold and silver coming from the two disciplines of the martial arts.

Janine Mae Ladao had a gold in the team poomsae as well as silver medals in individual and pair poomsae.

Hanna Shanniya had a gold medal in kroyugi and a silver in individual poomsae as well as a bronze medal in pair poomsae. John Lloyd Feliciano had a gold and silver finish coming from individual and team poomsae.

Jiro Justin Bahon came home with a gold and bronze medal coming from individual and pair poomsae.

Xian Craig Eusebio had a gold and bronze medals in individual and team poomsae, the same output as Shaun Devyn Masaway.

Other gold medalists were: Noriel Acquisio, Alice Rhema and Jaren Gabriel Mana-a, Geraldine Calingayan and Sabrina Kielle Sorbito.

Xedric James Faroden had two silver medals and a bronze in the competition.

Athan Drake Codio had a silver and bronze medal output from individual poomsae and kroyugi, while Ioness Panganiban had two bronze medals from the same events.

The silver medalists include Roxanne Masaway, Myla Panganiban and Jones Calingayan.

Those who won bronze medals were: Jonalyn Ladao, Marilyn Tabareng, Janet Faroden, Wilnela Niduasa, Kathelyn Bejosano and Jeriza Dawn Ummas. Pigeon Lobien



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