The Quest for Tadian’s Greatest Bangan: ANAP DI BANGAN ED TADIAN

One of the most anticipated events of the “Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian” festival in Mt. Province was the “Anap di Bangan ed Tadian” (The search for the Bangan of Tadian) 2024 pageant last February 28, 2024, chaired by Hon. Maryrylle Kye Marrero and co-chaired by Ms. Elyssa Loise Buned.

This yearly program starts every second week of February before the opening parade starts the next day.

10 beauties of Tadian, representing their own Barangay have competed to become the next Bangan of Tadian and have given it their all.

The word “Bangan” was derived from a female character in a folk tale of Mt. Province. The search for the best “Bangan” of Tadian, who possesses not just a beautiful face, not just knowledge, but who can embody the culture and traditions of i-Tadian and empower the youth.

The pageant’s significance includes encouraging the candidates’ creativity by having them create costumes out of materials that are native to their hometowns. The purpose is to increase the candidate’s cultural awareness, particularly about the meaning and appropriate donning of the “gabey.” a kankanaey word for women’s traditional cordilleran attire.

The crowned Bangan di Tadian 2024 is Ms. Carla Joy Sapaen of Masla and is expected to represent the municipality in the search for Mr. and Ms. Mt. Province during the Lang-ay festival this coming April 2024. She will be working hand in hand with the SK (Sangguiniang Kabataan) and the Anap di Bangan di Tadian committee in formulating programs and activities for the benefit of the youth.

Rounding up the top 5 are Ms. Teresita Valdez of Banaao for First Runner-Up; Ms. Mharicris Lacaden of Dacudac for Second Runner-Up; Ms. Tresha Mae Buy-o of Balaoa for Third Runner-Up; and Ms. Mary Rose Liclican of Kayan East for Fourth Runner-Up.

Mary Rose Liclican, who placed fourth in the pageant, was taken aback by the outcome because, as it was her first time competing, she hadn’t anticipated making it to the top 5. “Hindi ko man nakuha yung first place pero I’m thankful for every support that I got and how they are still proud of me as a representative ng barangay namin”, she remarked.

~Anas Abdelrahim Taha~

**Photo courtesy: Feb Clicks**

(Photo 1: Ms. Carla Joy Sapaen, the crowned Bangan di Tadian)

(Photo 2: The Top 5 winners of Anap di Bangan ed Tadian)



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