Baguio City’s Accommodation Establishment Enhances Visitor Experience with Innovative App

The Accommodation Establishment (AE) is an organization comprising legitimate owners of accommodation facilities accredited by the city government and Department of Tourism, including hotels, inns, and transient houses. The government supports them by conducting seminars on guest accommodation and operational strategies.

Before reopening for tourism, the city developed Interim Guidelines for Covid-19 prevention in workplaces. Accredited accommodations assist AEs by verifying owners’ legitimacy, undergoing inspections, and receiving Certificates of Compliance (COC). The Baguio Visita App, funded by the Department of Tourism, aids tourists with online registration and serves as a personal guide in Baguio.

The app facilitates pre-booking arrangements, provides on-site assistance for attractions and events, and issues QR codes to approved visitors. Legitimate AEs endorse visitor registration through the app to ensure visitors stay with verified owners.

Mrs. Grace M. Mula, an AE member, highlights the importance of continuing the Visita App to allow Baguio visitors to personalize their travel plans or business trips and book stays with legitimate owners. | MULA, JHANILLE RYLE



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