Behind the scenes: The Vital Role of Comboys in the Market Life

In the streets and markets in Baguio City, a group of individuals known as “comboys” or porters carry out their assistance to Market Buyers which are often overlooked by the community.

‘Comboys’ play a crucial part in transporting and distributing goods. These individuals usually wore light clothing and used tools known as trolly and cart or ‘kariton’ to carry baggages. They are usually seen in groups as they are part of a legalized organization which is under LGU or the Local Government Unit.

Each morning, before the sun rises, the comboys set out to start their day greeting vendors and buyers alike. With their carts or trolly in hand, they navigate through the aisles, offering assistance to anyone in need.

For comboys, being a porter is both significant and important as it provides them with a source of income and stability for themselves and their families. One such comboy stated that being a comboy helped him place food on their table, pay taxes for their apartment and pay tuition for his children.

Being a comboy is one of resilience and perseverance. Despite the physical demands of their work and a lack of steady income and job stability, they approach each day with a sense of purpose and determination.


~Jhanille Ryle Mula~



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