Baguio City Public Library Promotes the Fun in Reading As They Celebrate Their 65th Founding Anniversary

The Baguio City Public Library (BCPL) featured a LibTalk in conjunction with its 65th-anniversary celebration with the theme “Ikaw, Ako, at Pampublikong Aklatan: Higit Animnapu’t Limang Taong Pagtutugunan” last March 8.

Baguio City Public Librarian IV Easter Pablo marked the opening of the celebration where she shared the various activities carried out by the BCPL in recent years to present.

“In celebration of the Public Library Day, since this is a Public Library, so we enjoined the whole nation to celebrate the Public Library Day”, Pablo said in his opening remarks.

And now celebrating the 65th anniversary of the said library, she also announced the successful launching of CommuRead, a monthly newsletter that was first published in January of this year and can be accessed online and offline.

“In celebration of our Public Library Day, our public libraries are having fun, and of course, our OJTs are having fun too. And of course, we will also be launching a new product from BCPL, so please, read it because this will be available in print and online”, Pablo said.

In closing remarks, Pablo warmly and sincerely expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and the BCPL employees for maintaining the library and for its continued response to the needs of the public and the community. | Micko Sison




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