Kapihan Sa Baguio Shines Spotlight on World Health Workers Week, Mental Health, Immunization, and Disease Updates

The latest #KapihanSaBaguio session last April 11, 2024, delved into crucial health topics, aligning with the global observance of World Health Workers Week. Led by officials from the Department of Health Cordillera Administrative Region (DOH-CAR) and partners from Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC), the discussion provided insights into mental health, immunization efforts, and updates on notifiable diseases, including Pertussis.

In light of World Health Workers Week, the gathering paid tribute to the dedication and resilience of health workers who tirelessly serve communities, often under challenging circumstances. Recognizing their vital role in safeguarding public health, the session emphasized the need for continued support and appreciation for these frontline heroes.

The panelists included Dr. Anachris Kilakil, Medical Officer IV and DOH-CAR Family Health Cluster Head; Victoria Malicdan, Nurse V and DOH-CAR RESU Head; Sean Paul Fiangaan, DOH-CAR Senior Health Program Officer; and Dr. Anniline Teng, Medical Officer III from the BGHMC Department of Psychiatry.

Mental health emerged as a focal point of the discussion, reflecting a growing awareness of its significance in overall well-being. Experts underscored the importance of addressing mental health concerns and promoting mental wellness, particularly in the face of the ongoing pandemic and its associated stressors. Strategies for destigmatizing mental health issues and expanding access to mental health services were explored, highlighting the collaborative efforts of government agencies and healthcare providers.

Immunization efforts took center stage as participants discussed the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. With the recent emergence of Pertussis cases in the region, the conversation underscored the critical role of immunization in protecting vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly. Partners from BGHMC provided updates on vaccination campaigns and urged communities to prioritize immunization as a cornerstone of public health.

Furthermore, updates on notifiable diseases offered valuable insights into disease surveillance and response efforts. DOH-CAR officials highlighted the importance of timely reporting and surveillance systems in monitoring disease trends and implementing targeted interventions. By fostering collaboration between healthcare providers and local communities, stakeholders aim to mitigate the impact of notifiable diseases and safeguard public health.

As the discussion concluded, a sense of urgency and solidarity pervaded the virtual gathering. Participants reaffirmed their commitment to promoting health and well-being, recognizing the collective responsibility to support health workers, prioritize mental health, and strengthen immunization efforts. In the spirit of World Health Workers Week, the session served as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions of health workers and the shared commitment to building healthier, more resilient communities. | Micko Sison




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