Teachers Camp Enhances Emergency Preparedness with Evacuation Drill

Baguio Teachers Camp, BTC recently conducted an earthquake drill aimed at the BTC workers and some voluntary residents to practice safe evacuation during emergencies. This exercise was a part of the first quarter nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill S.B or Senate Bill NO. 1578.

Senate Bill No. 1578 in the Philippines stipulates that both public and private educational institutions, along with all business establishments, must regularly participate in these drills. The primary objective of these exercises is to elevate emergency preparedness and response capabilities in anticipation of potential earthquakes, particularly considering the Philippines’ location along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a highly seismically active zone. The bill is designed to uphold public safety, fortify disaster risk reduction endeavors, and foster community resilience by involving all sectors in proactive disaster management initiatives.

The earthquake drill includes training on emergency response, basic safety evacuation knowledge, and identifying safe grounds. Workers and volunteers who participated in this drill acquired necessary knowledge and skills for managing emergency earthquakes.

During the drill, the emphasis on disaster preparedness was evident. By highlighting the importance of readiness and resilience in the face of sudden earthquakes, the community demonstrated its dedication to ensuring public safety and equipping individuals with the knowledge to navigate tough circumstances. This drill not only focused on evacuations but also instilled a proactive mindset geared towards readiness for any emergencies.

Through initiatives like the evacuation drill, BTC sets a commendable example in disaster preparedness. By prioritizing readiness, it ensures that locals are equipped to handle emergencies confidently and efficiently, thereby fostering a culture of preparedness within the community. | MULA, JHANILLE RYLE




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